What’s The Deal

A large majority of the Latino population – 75% – has a negative opinion of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a survey from Telemundo/NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

In the same survey, however, Trump is located in first place among Republican voters with 19% of preferences, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with a 15% and the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush with a 14%.


The survey is produced at the start of a week which will have as central point of attention Thursday among the top ten Republican candidates debate. Trump has secured a place in the debate and there is expectation on if repeated his controversial comments on immigration, particularly what he said that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and which bring the ‘crime’ to the United States.

Expectation also, on what will be the reaction of the other Republican candidates, well if Trump reiterates these concepts or even if it does not, if there is someone that will bring them to the discussion to rebut them.

A majority of Latinos surveyed also, in this case 69%, stated that in his opinion what Trump said has a negative impact on the image of the Republican party. Only 12% believe that Trump is beneficial to the party.

This figure of 69% should sound alarms in the leadership of the Republican party since a of the conclusions that the same party pulled out after the presidential election of 2012, was that among the things they had to do to regain the White House was approaching to the Latino vote. In that election the Republican candidate Mitt Romney won only 27% of the Latino vote.

The immigration issue is certainly not the only or the primary that matters to the Latino audience, however, is something that either touch directly or at least indirectly or emotional manner which makes that many judge a candidate or political figure by what you say in immigration.

The survey in this case, would be pointing out that Trump is seen by many Latinos via the lens of his comments on immigration, which many Latinos have been considered offensive.
An example of this is that 55% of respondents believes that the Trump comments about Mexican immigrants are “insulting and racist”.

However, it is striking that on this same question about Mexican immigrants, a significant portion of respondents – 29% – said that even though Trump should be “more careful” in their language, told by of real estate tycoon had value as it had removed “out an important issue”. Another 14% said it rescued the sincerity of Trump that “had the courage to say what you think”.

After Trump, the Republican candidate who is striking results among Latinos surveyed is Jeb Bush. It happens that former Florida Governor and brother of President George W. Bush hand gets the highest percentage of preferences among all the candidates – the 30%-, followed by Marco Rubio with 28%. But at the same time Bush also has a high percentage of negative – 29%, only surpassed by 75% of Trump-.

On the Democratic side with Latino survey only asked about Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton is viewed positively by 57% of respondents – and in a negative way by the 28%, Sanders with 17% in favour.

President Obama, who no longer has election ahead, is seen positively by 59 percent of Latinos surveyed – and 25% negative.

To advance the electoral process for the presidential election of 2016 will go out more surveys, insurance each with different results depending on what happened in the previous days or whatever the event or figure that more call attention at the time.

The Telemundo/NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, however, confirms that “the picture”, which today has Republican public – which is today which is more measured due to its impending debate and the number of presidential candidates – is one where the candidate Trump go forward beyond the controversial statements. And a “photo” also, where Latinos by large majorities leave to see her upset by what was said by Trump and the damage that they are doing to the image of the Republican party.