Robot evolution

Robot evolution

Robot evolution. Robots, the day starts to take hold in various fields, replacing the man. At the moment seem harmless, their role is to help people.

One case of Kawasaki plant in Japan it would argue and say that robots can kill people. In 1981 this factory worker died of a robot, which is thrown in a facility that processes mechanically cutting. This was not just a case of scared because the worker did not use a robotic arm properly, therefore it crazy hitting him.  transhumanist-evolution

In all the factories in the world include a total of about 1 million copies of robots, which is a number that is growing. While robots are a new species of mechanisms, history would have a say here. The first humanoid designed, specifically first sketches of a humanoid were in 1495, aparatinandu His drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. At that time the technology was not advanced if thinking better not think there is. That sketch shows a robot driven by a system of levers and pulleys. Due to the discovery of the da Vinci robot surgeon today bears his name, DaVinci robot.

Neither the US military has not given back the use robots. Their inventory shows that among soldiers, weapons and vehicles, include 4,000 robots. It moves with the help of The Tracks. These robots are guided by people in any case are not automatic. Although I would be sorry if I see a Transformers, but an Autobot, Decepticon not.    Robot evolution

History tells us that the first humanoid appeared in 1939 under the name of Elektro. In that time, to have a robot 2 meters tall and have the vocabulary of about 1000 words was something important. And just as it is today, Chinese and Japanese are not at all aside. I do what I do and always replicas of various objects contruiesc new appliances. No robots have not stood aside, could nott resist. Immediately after those from Westinghouse have built Elektro, the Japanese have built Winebotm able to recognize different odors that wine and cheese. Curious..

If we understand differently, the most spectacular discipline of computer science is robotics. It is a science quite difficult if you think about it better. Basic research in robotics algorithms are taking place. To build a robot you need different skills. Robotics is divided into three major areas: perception, cognition and action. A robot must feel to perceive information from the environment. A robot must intealaga what happens around it, so can create plans. A robot must carry out, to travel, to explore, etc.    Robot evolution

Most who watched cartoons or SF films and saw a robot as a maid, a housekeeper always could count on you, that will do what you ask and they wanted. Perhaps in part and those in roles of animation and robots have strengthened human interest to evolve, to create bodies to take over the job and be able to carry it out. However, any mechanism would be created, do not compare with the work done by man. A robot can do some things maybe, but we do like a robot.

One question remains now. Is humanity ready convetuiasca robots? On this question dog owners believe that robots could respond to us. However, their opinion of you just like pet robots, nothing more. An answer which I consider is diplomatic: People tend to humanize everything they touch any subject that it is made of something. If people create robots certainly would try to schedule them to reproduce gestures, so all build, build feelings. I would say that there are people who can live together with robots, people who do not support this idea and people who do not even know what a robot.    Robot evolution