Three interesting historical aspects about Chinese medicine

Three interesting historical aspects about Chinese medicine

Ancient Chinese medicine is a science that many find mysterious. I was attracted to the practice of this medicine because it fascinates me endlessly amazing and gave me the ability to help people. Chinese medicine

The three historical aspects about medicine and Chinese acupuncture:

1) The first acupuncture needles were originally made of stone or bone only because at that time they were available. Later, they were made of iron and bronze, and today, fortunately for us, the most popular material used for these pins is stainless steel. Many people ask me whether acupuncture hurts and they generally say “not much”, but I am sure that those of bone or stone were painful!   herbs

2) The first written medical information about acupuncture Nei Jing were found. This renowned classical document is the oldest Chinese medical text, and probably the oldest known medical text in the world, written about 305 BC during – 204 BC Nei Jing described the acupuncture meridians, qi and location of 160 acupuncture points – although now we know that there are thousands of acupuncture points!

3) While Nei Jing may be the earliest written medical text, the philosophy behind Chinese medicine is much older. Chinese medicine is rooted in the belief that we are deeply connected to our environment. According to legend, in about 8,000 years ago, a wise named Fu Hsu created the concept of Yin and Yang in his observations on nature. Popular concept of yin and yang is still in the center of Chinese medicine theory today.

Forehead: If you appear baskets, rashes or eczema on his forehead means that eating too much fat and canned foods, leading to slowing digestion. It may also be too high consumption of sugar and alcohol.

The solution: eat fresh foods, drink plenty of water, get more sleep and avoid alcohol. Chinese medicine

Between eyebrows: If you only between the eyebrows, it means that your digestive system feels tired and needs more time to digest animal products.The solution: eat fresh food, walk more often in nature, do yoga or other types of exercises that help you relax.

Under the lower eyelids of eyes: If skin under the eyes is darker or feel pain in this area could be to blame alcohol, tobacco, poor circulation of blood and the heart is weakened.Solution: Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption, avoid drinking beverages containing artificial sweetener and in exchange consumes as much water.Nas: If there are changes in skin appearance in the nose, is likely to have problems with blood circulation, have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Solution: Check and adjust your cholesterol and blood pressure, if necessary. To your body detoxifies, green tea, Move ba. Cheeks: heavy smoking, pollution and asthma can affect the lungs, which behave notice the skin of his cheeks.Solution: Avoid eating processed foods, quit smoking and using cosmetics that contain parabens and other substances not toxic.

Man: If irritation or pimples on your chin blame could be foods high in sugars and fats, and caffeine-based drinks and alcohol.Solution: Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid possible excessive consumption of foods high in salt or caffeine based drinks. Chinese medicine