3ds virtual console

Have you ever thought such as that all consoles games can be transferred to a PC where they can be played equally? If you have not found an answer, we give you an answer, an sure answer.

3DS Emulator is the answer that you expected. 3DS Emulator is a program with a complex system of converting games. This conversion is sent to the PC, where they can be played absolutely all games from 3DS Category. Complexity of the applications is so precise that every detail is sent to the PC, including details of the game.


Graphics, sound and running speed are as qualitative only game size is larger, which makes this emulator their merits praise. 3DS had a pretty good success after the games had brought forth. As they are good on both are desired. Not everyone can afford a 3DS console or their always buy a new game.

The best solution that we promote is to download the PC game and use it with pleasure using 3DS Emulator. The simplest is so. With  themoney that you would have spent on games console or games you can do something else.

The total duration of the project was 4 months, 4 months in which we are worked hard. Each programmer who was part of the project had worked hard.

Apparently seems a simple application, which you can use easy, but to get to these guy so easy steps had first ro do heavy stept. Only the method of converting the game lasted us two months, because we had to take all existing games and to make them compatible for transfer to PC. Every time there is a new game, he automatically will be purchased with no money in your 3DS account.

We are going to convert and will be updated for all users. We have implemented Auto Update, 3DS Emulator application that updates automatically. Not take up much storage space and does not take much turnover. He normally works on any device with any operating system. We did 3DS Emulator to be available worldwide.

During the research done in all countries, we noticed that in Asia there are still users of Windows 95, windows that is hardly used. As a result, we created a special version of 3DS Emulator. The application is the same, but the security system that it has analyzed first and if the device detects Windows 95 and they reduce the storage size.

At first, I thought it would have likely because users have lost confidence in the existance of a 3DS Emulator. On the internet you can find plenty of 3DS Emulator, but in vain. After an advertisment that we did, we started having users on the site. We presented all the evidence, including a video in which the conversion process is shown and instructions. In the comments section you can find all 3DS Emulator users opinion who have used or still use.

3DS Emulator is easy to use, considering that most players are children and manage to use it even to finish a few games. Download it from our website, install it, and start to use it. Why do you spend money on consoles or games when you can have all the games for FREE on your computer or laptop. As I said above, 3DS Emulator help you to run all Nintendo 3DS games on PC.

If you already have a console but you can not buy a new game, wiith 3DS Emulator can download the game directly on your console, or you can tranfer from the computer to console. For a better functioning of the 3DS Emulator and for the other thing you want to do, with 3DS Emulator installation is required and installation of the latest version of Net. Framework 4.4 on the Microsoft website. The program is not so much, but offers a better functioning of the 3DS Emulator. The memory cars is somewhere around 65 Gb, fit so many games, especially ones you like.

In our opinion it is very easy to use 3DS Emulator. You can easily download and you can just as easily use. You must download it from our website, where you will find the download button with the link for download. When I tried it myself, in two minutes I playes two games on the computer. The whole converting process lasted 5 minuted. 3DS Emulator will not lock and you will never find any problem. It is scanned by all antivirus available on the market, and none has found viruses.

We are waiting on these games, which will appear in 2016 and soon after became available, we will update the 3DS Emulator.