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Phone locator. Phone locator One of the great disadvantages of our GPS for Android is the inability to use it overseas by high roaming rates. Despite other alternatives that I already commented at the time, today I want to introduce MapFactor Navigator, another great browser that doesn’t need Internet connection to operate.

Operation, as you can imagine, through installing various maps in our memory of the phone or, preferable if possible, in the memory card. We can enjoy maps of most of the countries of Europe, and relying on our smartphone GPS antenna, have routes that we want without worrying about our Bill. For other continents, we also have many other maps, you have the complete list on the link Google Play in the bottom of the page.
MapFactor uses OpenStreetMaps data and as a result we can have on our Android a complete GPS. Its features include the ability to mark one route both for when we go by car as when moving on foot, but here there is everything. Maps offering OpenStreetMaps are in continuous change and improvement and is for this reason that also, when we go by car, we can enjoy a fixed radar warning. Completely legal, as it is understandable.

We can enjoy the maps in 2D and in 3D and, for convenience, offers us a night mode to improve the visibility of the browser in low-light conditions.

So I said, if you want to enjoy a good GPS for completely free not hesitate download MapFactor Navigator. The most noteworthy features of the same are, as we have been already repeating throughout the article, the possibility of disregard of our invoice where we are and their continuous improvement. Obviously we can not aside its price as one of the best bets. MapFactor becomes a great alternative that you should not miss.

And you, do you use now your Android as a GPS Navigator?

In a world in constant motion and in a market evolving economic control of their business becomes an absolute necessity. This is even more important when you hold the reins of a transport company, be it people or cargo, domestic or international. In this case, the advantages of a successful business is based on how you perform, coordinate and, especially, monitor routes and angajaţi.Din own happiness, new technologies in support of such entrepreneurs through a device as innovative and complex, but easy to use. GPS monitoring systems offered by Cargo Fleet Solutions Track. It is an indispensable tool for any modern transport company manager.

Google Maps is a tool that we would always like to have at our disposal, however limited access to mobile data, stratospheric roaming rates, or simply because we are going to a place without coverage limit us its use. But now no more, with the following trick you can also save an area or area of a map determined in the memory of the smartphone to be consulted when you don’t have Wifi connectivity or data in Google Maps.
Sure that on more than one occasion you’ve seen in the need to consult a map in Google Maps to locate an address and you find that you do not own coverage network or Wifi connection. It is a situation that can become common if you’re travelling outside of your country and do not want to make use of the data roaming.

More skilled users tend to opt for previously find the location on Google more and do a “screenshot” of the screen to somehow have a picture stored on the phone’s location and attractions. However, it happens that you can not enlarge or zoom in on it to see more details of the area, including a street name, or the location of a nearby restaurant.

The latest versions of Google Maps for smartphones and tablets offer a solution in this regard. They have due to realize that is a common problem among users. Thus, there is a statement with which we can capture a certain portion of map for reference even with the phone in airplane mode or offline “Offline”.

It proceeds in the following way

Phone locator. Phone locator The location of the search and adjusts the zoom level you want. Then click on the search bar and type “OK Maps” and again click on the search button. In this way, the map will be stored in the cache memory of the phone so that when you come back to open the Google Maps application, by magic, the map is represented with the possibility of zooming over the areas and get the details for the same. You can type the words both uppercase and lowercase. There is another similar method to capture using the voice command. Only have to mention the words “O” and “K” with a slight pause between the two, so that the phone does not interpret “Okay”. Phone locator

Somehow, your smartphone should tell you that the map has been downloaded, which could take up to 10 seconds, depending on the type of Internet connection that you are using.
This trick will get you more trouble when traveling outside your area of mobile coverage. Especially when you just landed in your destination and need to locate the location of the hotel or place where you will stay. If you try to load large maps zones, such as a city in its entirety, the mobile application issues a message indicating that the selected area is too large. However, for specific areas it is more useful.

The trick works on both Google Maps for iOS and Android devices. Indeed, the application of maps of Apple also Woo this trick, as with Here Maps you’ll find Lumia of Nokia models.

Speaking about Phone tracker, we also can say something about robotic technology, we can do a word association and we can tell that GPS and robots are in a very close one to the other. Robots are some machines that make life easier, but the machines can not only control, but we can do this thing with GPS In many countries around the world, robots are replacing humans. Can be advantages and disadvantages, The advantages may be those robots could increase production much faster, they can work much more like people without being stressed or tired. The diadvantages are that robots replace people, and they in turn will not have a job. We are far from the time when robots will replace us will be truly and future inhabitans of Earth. Foxconn company has already started work. He dropped to 60,000 employess in favor of robots. And that may be just the beginning. 60,000 people are a small part of his employers. Maybe in the future, robots will help us.

Like phones, robots can be tracked with a technology like GPS Phone Tracker; sure, not the same name, only the same technology. Because now, in these days, robots are created around the world, but nobody isn’t sure about them and then they must control them with GPS receivers, to know where they are and know what they think or do.

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