Robot evolution

Robot evolution

Robot evolution. Robots, the day starts to take hold in various fields, replacing the man. At the moment seem harmless, their role is to help people.

One case of Kawasaki plant in Japan it would argue and say that robots can kill people. In 1981 this factory worker died of a robot, which is thrown in a facility that processes mechanically cutting. This was not just a case of scared because the worker did not use a robotic arm properly, therefore it crazy hitting him.  transhumanist-evolution

In all the factories in the world include a total of about 1 million copies of robots, which is a number that is growing. While robots are a new species of mechanisms, history would have a say here. The first humanoid designed, specifically first sketches of a humanoid were in 1495, aparatinandu His drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. At that time the technology was not advanced if thinking better not think there is. That sketch shows a robot driven by a system of levers and pulleys. Due to the discovery of the da Vinci robot surgeon today bears his name, DaVinci robot.

Neither the US military has not given back the use robots. Their inventory shows that among soldiers, weapons and vehicles, include 4,000 robots. It moves with the help of The Tracks. These robots are guided by people in any case are not automatic. Although I would be sorry if I see a Transformers, but an Autobot, Decepticon not.    Robot evolution

History tells us that the first humanoid appeared in 1939 under the name of Elektro. In that time, to have a robot 2 meters tall and have the vocabulary of about 1000 words was something important. And just as it is today, Chinese and Japanese are not at all aside. I do what I do and always replicas of various objects contruiesc new appliances. No robots have not stood aside, could nott resist. Immediately after those from Westinghouse have built Elektro, the Japanese have built Winebotm able to recognize different odors that wine and cheese. Curious..

If we understand differently, the most spectacular discipline of computer science is robotics. It is a science quite difficult if you think about it better. Basic research in robotics algorithms are taking place. To build a robot you need different skills. Robotics is divided into three major areas: perception, cognition and action. A robot must feel to perceive information from the environment. A robot must intealaga what happens around it, so can create plans. A robot must carry out, to travel, to explore, etc.    Robot evolution

Most who watched cartoons or SF films and saw a robot as a maid, a housekeeper always could count on you, that will do what you ask and they wanted. Perhaps in part and those in roles of animation and robots have strengthened human interest to evolve, to create bodies to take over the job and be able to carry it out. However, any mechanism would be created, do not compare with the work done by man. A robot can do some things maybe, but we do like a robot.

One question remains now. Is humanity ready convetuiasca robots? On this question dog owners believe that robots could respond to us. However, their opinion of you just like pet robots, nothing more. An answer which I consider is diplomatic: People tend to humanize everything they touch any subject that it is made of something. If people create robots certainly would try to schedule them to reproduce gestures, so all build, build feelings. I would say that there are people who can live together with robots, people who do not support this idea and people who do not even know what a robot.    Robot evolution

What’s The Deal

A large majority of the Latino population – 75% – has a negative opinion of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a survey from Telemundo/NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

In the same survey, however, Trump is located in first place among Republican voters with 19% of preferences, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with a 15% and the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush with a 14%.


The survey is produced at the start of a week which will have as central point of attention Thursday among the top ten Republican candidates debate. Trump has secured a place in the debate and there is expectation on if repeated his controversial comments on immigration, particularly what he said that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and which bring the ‘crime’ to the United States.

Expectation also, on what will be the reaction of the other Republican candidates, well if Trump reiterates these concepts or even if it does not, if there is someone that will bring them to the discussion to rebut them.

A majority of Latinos surveyed also, in this case 69%, stated that in his opinion what Trump said has a negative impact on the image of the Republican party. Only 12% believe that Trump is beneficial to the party.

This figure of 69% should sound alarms in the leadership of the Republican party since a of the conclusions that the same party pulled out after the presidential election of 2012, was that among the things they had to do to regain the White House was approaching to the Latino vote. In that election the Republican candidate Mitt Romney won only 27% of the Latino vote.

The immigration issue is certainly not the only or the primary that matters to the Latino audience, however, is something that either touch directly or at least indirectly or emotional manner which makes that many judge a candidate or political figure by what you say in immigration.

The survey in this case, would be pointing out that Trump is seen by many Latinos via the lens of his comments on immigration, which many Latinos have been considered offensive.
An example of this is that 55% of respondents believes that the Trump comments about Mexican immigrants are “insulting and racist”.

However, it is striking that on this same question about Mexican immigrants, a significant portion of respondents – 29% – said that even though Trump should be “more careful” in their language, told by of real estate tycoon had value as it had removed “out an important issue”. Another 14% said it rescued the sincerity of Trump that “had the courage to say what you think”.

After Trump, the Republican candidate who is striking results among Latinos surveyed is Jeb Bush. It happens that former Florida Governor and brother of President George W. Bush hand gets the highest percentage of preferences among all the candidates – the 30%-, followed by Marco Rubio with 28%. But at the same time Bush also has a high percentage of negative – 29%, only surpassed by 75% of Trump-.

On the Democratic side with Latino survey only asked about Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton is viewed positively by 57% of respondents – and in a negative way by the 28%, Sanders with 17% in favour.

President Obama, who no longer has election ahead, is seen positively by 59 percent of Latinos surveyed – and 25% negative.

To advance the electoral process for the presidential election of 2016 will go out more surveys, insurance each with different results depending on what happened in the previous days or whatever the event or figure that more call attention at the time.

The Telemundo/NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, however, confirms that “the picture”, which today has Republican public – which is today which is more measured due to its impending debate and the number of presidential candidates – is one where the candidate Trump go forward beyond the controversial statements. And a “photo” also, where Latinos by large majorities leave to see her upset by what was said by Trump and the damage that they are doing to the image of the Republican party.

5 technologies that will transform humanity

5 technologies that will transform humanity
What are the 5 technologies that will transform humanity in 2017?
IBM has released five predictions about the technologies that will transform humanity in 2017 under the “five in five” IBM predicts not only the technologies that will be possible in 5 years, but also the likelihood that they will be adopted widely range. The 5 predictions developed by the American company is based on the analysis of current research, social trends and market conditions.

HRT hammer and IT
This IBM initiative dates back six years, when they set out for the first time predictions on a 5 years. A large number of predictions made by IBM experts a few years ago have become reality, including telemedicine (the ability to access health services anywhere in the world with technology) or the application of nanotechnology in agriculture and biotechnology.
For 2017, those from IBM predicts that machines can read people’s thoughts and can easily recognize the person with whom they interact.
“From Houdini to Skywalker to X-Men, mind reading has a fancy present for decades in most SF works. Soon, however, it will become a reality,” said IBM researchers.
“IBM scientists are among those working on the discovery of a method of connecting the human brain to household devices such as computers and smart phones,” explains those from IBM. Examples provided by researchers at IBM are calling the knowledge only a power of thought or movement of a cursor on the screen only with the mind.
Also, passwords will disappear online, says people at IBM. Our biological composition will become our identity key, says people at IBM. “Imagine that you could go to an ATM where you can withdraw money only telling you the name or on a sensor that will identify unique patterns present in your retina,” speculates specialists from IBM. Therefore, processing of biometric data such as face identification, retina or voice to be used for identification, being more secure than passwords tradiţionale.O another innovation that will become widespread in 2017 is the ability to generate electricity from all types of motion: the fly, from bicycles and even from water flowing through pipes. “Kinetic energy will not be wasted,” says IBM.De also IBM experts say that mobile phones will help eliminate eliminate “digital barrier” that exists today between rich and poor. “In today’s global society, the good of the economy is becoming more decided the level of access to information. In five years, gaping chasm between those who have access to information and those who have not will be reduced significantly, thanks to the progress you will see mobile technologies. in five years, 5.6 billion people will own a mobile phone, ie 80% of the world population. for example, in India, peasants who could not read and write can already used cell phones with voice recognition to find out which is the market where they can get the best price for their grain or to find out weather, so having the opportunity to plant the best time. “
it the 5th prediction made by the IBM is the disappearance spam. Specialists American company claims that the technology will enable personalization, so only those truly interested will reach each person.

Industrial robots, practical

Industrial robots, practical
Name of industrial robots rule, these complex automatic movement used in manufacturing processes is an emerging industrial engineering chapter appeared in the fusion of automation and electrical drives. Even if there are pneumatic or hydraulic embodiment, however, the future implementations of robots are electromechanical, especially due to the advantages of computer compatibility (default approach that brings an increase flexibility and integrability).

When resorting to robots
There are several criteria (work requirements) that may materialize decision to use robots in manufacturing processes, and we see that some of these are also key elements of the definition of industrial robot. We recall that (usually) it is a mechanism by succession of several kinematic chain joints causes more degrees of freedom at the terminal end, the execution, to whom we entrust different workloads. But not this availability sport,, “,, robot will provide employment contract”. Otherwise we will identify specific work requirements robotic automation implementation:
need to run very repetitive task involving complex movement (manufacturing / process in large series);
working in difficult conditions in human perspective (toxicity / pollution, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic radiation – classic examples being here steel foundries, painting, preparation / reconditioning underground pipes, etc.).
However, in relation to the first criterion, remember that the decision to implement an economic robot is obtained by reference to labor costs: an assembly line of an automobile can be achieved successful people, but automated approach is more sustainable if a large production series (and it would be completely wrong for a race car that’s almost unique). Things are at least as clear and applications in other industries, such as those involving processing and packaging (food, beverages consumer, pharmaceutical products), or the logistics.
What robots choose the automobile industry:
assembly (production lines)
welding (arc welding, electron beam welding, laser welding, inert gas welding, spot welding, welding with tungsten)
bonding / sealing
coating / surface treatment
washing liquid inkjet
cutting / sawing prefabricated
drilling / milling
deburring / cleaning
Casting (static pressure)
polishing / grinding
visual inspection
quality control
maintenance of machine tools
semi manipulation
handling by-products
manipulation of parts
manipulation of products for packaging, storage, palletizing, delivery, and so on.

Since we tried a conceptual clarification, and mention the alternative name used to implement industrial robots, ie,, flexible cell “, in which case we speculate that the defining attribute can refer both to the complexity of the robotic arm movement, and – more interesting from the perspective of engineering / management – the deepest flexibility given by robots ability (to be reprogrammed) to adapt to changes in the production process (ie gauges, routes, speed, strength, intensity, conditions, etc. ). And we’ll mention the whole issue of whether an integrated, PFS (flexible manufacturing system), for which we will outline the key features conclusive in terms of enterprise management: efficiency, controllability and safety.

History of Technology

History of Technology

Replication systems

History of Technology.A replication system is called “clanking replicator”, which is based on large-scale conventional technology and automation. The term differs from microscopic systems called “asamblatoare” that nanotechnology can make possible.technology_history

In general, a machine capable of replication should only be fed and to seek the necessary resources, assemble them, and eventually, showing a copy of the car. To be most effective, could work in larger groups where they can collaborate. This real plant will be divided into groups that will gather some materials, robots will assemble builders and others will be ready for any necessary repairs. And all without human intervention.

Such a car does not violate the laws of physics and we are already in possession of the necessary technology to achieve several proposed projects.

This method of large-scale replication may be a little inefficient, but it is a start. Living systems can replicate the definition. So, to give rise to artificial life, you need to reproduce.

And who knows what surprises the future holds?

Computer or smart car?

All operations of a computer are actually decisions, surgery after surgery, The instructions that are written in computer programs, which are translations of human ideas in a logical system that uses a binary code carried by electronic signals.

An intelligent machine can be any device that while sitting on your desk plotting against you. Sounds like science fiction, right? A machine intelligence, as some would have to behave like a human mind, a mind so clever that no one has managed to fully understand how it works. If you do not know how it works, how then can we achieve an intelligent machine? What is intelligence? How will it be a car fitted with intelligence, but with power and processing speed much greater than man?

Communication between computer and man will be through intelligent software that will act as a virtual human. To become smart, you have to have the ability to learn, organize, synthesize, and generate new ideas, things that would not always lead to positive effects. What will happen if computers will reach a level of consciousness? Here many questions arise when prolonging line evolution, trying to figure out how the future will look.

But do not think computers. At least not in the same way as I think as you think or as Albert Einstein thought. The computer does not have emotions or motivations. Passing through the brain impulses are chemical and electrical activation and repression.

The computer has to do with pulses of electricity simple, well understood and carefully controlled. Nothing mysterious is not happening in a machine called computer. When we represent our ideas and we send your computer in different orders, computer manipulates them with a very high speed and precision, making it virtually an extension of ourselves.

The calculator is based on logic, and this logic has nothing to do with our ideas as life, liberty and happiness race. He works at a much lower level, having to do with simple dualistic concepts, not more complicated than the light switch in our homes. But these small logical operations when put together, can become complex combinations, forming one frame, the software that makes your computer run. Also by this model can be achieved and an artificial brain, or at least simulate and emulate the way the human brain works.

Logic and computer circuit boards are carefully combined. Engineers made the electronics so that it can process the binary logic systems. With this design, the computer comes “alive” in his own way …

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Review for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes.  Solid-Snake      

Metal Gear Solid series has attracted many fans over time, the creation of Hideo Kojima from Konami. Now in Volume 5, it introduced a new model for the distribution of securities. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is sold as a separate game, but is closely related to previous titles and is only prologue to the story of Volume 5. The folks at Konami have halved the price of the game, the actual story will be offered next year in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. But what we find in this short campaign? We will not divulge too much, but we can say that the story revolves around the military base Omega. For the full review click the link below.


Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes – a kind of snack for fans of the series

South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

Most games made after movies or serials famous licenses have not fared too happy. Whether it was the uninspired adaptations of stories or characters, or, most often, the main problem was with the quality far below the standard of the games in question. South Park: The Stick of Truth, however, is a happy exception.


This popular series inspired universe in the past few games, but should you be lucky if you have not heard of them. Game development South Park: The Stick of Truth has not started any under the best possible circumstances she, being entrusted to a studio with a reputation not so great (Obsidian Entertainment) by a publisher of financial difficulties (THQ). After multiple delays and after the sale to Ubisoft, Stick of Truth does not seems to have much chance of survival, although the project was directly involved Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creative minds behind the show South Park.

Fortunately, all these assumptions proved to be unfounded in the end, South Park: The Stick of Truth has been successfully completed and is one of the best licensed games ever launched.

Thus, although the project was directly involved Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creative minds behind the series South Park, Stick of Truth did not seem to share too many chances of success. Fortunately, finally, all these assumptions proved to be unfounded: South Park: The Stick of Truth has been successfully completed and is one of the best licensed games ever launched.


Asterisk robot

Asterisk robot

It was revealed Asterisk robot inspired by a spider
Asterisk is a robot developed by Osaka University, Japan, and inspired by the body of a spider. Certainly not the only creation inspired by the animal world, but is one of the best projects ever seen.
Robot-spider (which is only 6 feet but unlike true spiders, which have eight) has four degrees of freedom for each member and can move either with small metal plates attached to the ends of the legs, either by means of wheels, depending on the environment in which it is located. By means of video cameras and infrared sensors embedded in the “knee”, the robot can avoid obstacles can be high or stoop to pass under low lift objects.
Like an ant, the robot can stand on four legs, and the other two uses to perform certain tasks. The most impressive thing that Asterisk can do is climb on walls and nets arranged vertically. Because it does not distinguish between up and down, the robot spider legs can easily twist 180 degrees, landing on the 6 States safely.

Asterisk robot
Japanese laboratories Asterisk stood for six years, and its creators hope that one day the spider robot can be used in disaster situations, such as those that have befallen Japan this year.
It was invented microrobot walking on water!
Scientists have developed a new aquatic microrobot that mimics the amazing capabilities of a water strider – the long-legged insect moving on the surface of ponds or lakes.
Bionic microrobot has undergone improvements over previous models, and is now targeted as the first option in military intelligence missions, water pollution monitoring, and other operations. The study was recently published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
“For humans, walking on water is just a dream, but for some insects this is a way of life,” the researchers wrote in their paper. This ability is due, in large part, their feet waterproof (superhydrophobic).

So far, countless researchers have tried to develop such robots to be used in monitoring water supply or to conduct military spy missions. However, until now, no one has managed to find a way to create such robots that prove practices and agile.
The new prototype is the size of a US 25-cent coin (25 mm) and has thin legs propelled by two miniature motors. Despite the weight of the robot is equal to 390 water spiders, insects that a copying machine, it moves very easily with water.

Philae robot continues

Philae robot continues

Philae, launched Wednesday aboard the Rosetta space probe to the comet’s surface, came in a shaded area of it. A video camera on board the spacecraft, orbiting at less than 16 km altitude of comet captured in pictures last minutes of descent Philae on its surface, which lasted a total of seven hours. The footage is observed ESA months where Philae comet reached and reached the region where, finally, after jumping like a ball on the body surface space.
Jump the robot, which was not foreseen was the consequence of the failure of the fastening system of Philae, which did not go off properly and not anchored. Philae thus reached a shaded area where you can not recharge its batteries using solar light energy as needed for expanded mission.0

ESA scientists waited anxiously information as Philae started a series of automated experiments, including drilling, and, fortunately, had enough energy to transmit information by radio waves to probe Rosetta, who then forwarded them to the Terra.
Before their stop systems and to enter into a state of hibernation, Philae has changed little position to try to gain access to more sunlight for photovoltaic panels covering one of the robot body, but immediately after rotation remained without power, and its systems were closed.
Comet 67P / Ciuriumov – Gherasimenko are turning to the sun, accompanied by the Rosetta probe.
Increasing the amount of light could be useful for charging batteries Philae. As the comet is heated jets of gas are released from its depths, which could result in moving the robot and moving it where the shaded region.
The first results of Rosetta mission are expected in December, when they will be presented at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.
Launched in 2004, the ESA Rosetta mission is dedicated to staying more data on the origins of the solar system, and the robot’s mission Philae collection of organic molecules that could play a role in the emergence of life on Earth.

Comets are the most primitive bodies in the Solar System. Rosetta probe has already sent the first images ever made of the surface of a comet.
Little robot could radiography inside comet to study magnetism to achieve images with the ground, to analyze complex molecules from the surface.
According to experts from the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), French space agency, its mission is achieved in 80%. After three days of work, “the results are extraordinary Philae”, says Marc Pircher, Director of CNES.
If restoring contact, if everything works as planned, Philae should “hot mill” in March 2015, when the comet will approach the sun.
But Rosetta will continue its mission of “accompanying” comet-Gherasimenko Ciuriumov at least until August 13, 2015, when the comet will pass to the shortest distance from the sun. Its mission is scheduled to last until the end of December 2015.
Placing a robot on a comet at a distance of 500 million kilometers from Earth is a first in the history of space exploration and a highlight of a mission that began 20 years ago.
With a total cost of 1.3 billion euros, the equivalent of three Airbus 380, Rosetta mission has deployed approximately 2,000 researchers over 20 years. Over 50 companies from 14 European countries and the United States participated in making this space probes.

Getting Started With The PlayStation Network

Getting Started With The PlayStation Network

Whether you purchase the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, you’re going to have the opportunity to try out the PlayStation Network for yourself. While the bulk of Sony’s attention is naturally directed towards dealing with their subscription service, which is known as PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation Network itself remains free to use.

Playstation 4

However, it’s worth noting that if you are getting a PlayStation 4, it’s more or less impossible to avoid subscribing to PlayStation Plus. In this day and age, if you want to use what many consider to be the best gaming network in the world, you have to pay for the perks.

ps3 emulator for pc

At any rate, if you’re new to the PlayStation Network, you may find it difficult to get the ball rolling. This is particularly so with people who have been out of the loop with video games for a while. All the major consoles have online networks now. Each network strives to be the definitive gaming and media hub for players. Sony certainly has just about everything a person could ever need from an online gaming network.

PlayStation Network Introduction

Becoming part of the PlayStation Network is the easiest thing in the world. When you’ve signed up, you can make the decision to sign up later on for the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Keep in mind that the services you’ll receive from PlayStation Plus vary slightly, whether you have a PlayStation 3, or if you have just purchased the new PlayStation 4. For example, with the PlayStation 4, you have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, in order to enjoy online multiplayer.


Setting up your account on the PSN couldn’t be more straightforward:


  • From your main menu, you’re going to want to sign up for the PlayStation Network.
  • From this point, you can either create a new account, or sign in to your existing account. Obviously, you’re going to want to start a new account.
  • You’re going to start to build your new account by filling in some basic information, regarding things like your country, your language, and your date of birth.
  • You’re now going to need to accept the user agreement.
  • You are now going to come to the part of the sign-up process in which you will be responsible for filling in some important information. This information will include your password, your security question, and an answer to the security question.
  • Next, you’re going to have the opportunity to create your PlayStation Network Obviously, this online ID cannot be the same as your password.
  • Some additional information will be required. This information is going to include things like first and last name, as well as your mailing address.
  • Once you’ve verified all of your personal information that is related to the account, you will be asked to confirm that all of the information is accurate.
  • You will also have the opportunity to set up an avatar to go with your ID.


Enjoying The PlayStation Network

These are some of the basics that are going to culminate in beginning your experience with the PlayStation Network.


PlayStation video game console, the first of its kind made by Sony Computer Entertainment, was released on 3 December 1994 in Japan. It is the first console distributed more than 100 million units, nine and a half years after launch.

Its successor was the PlayStation 2, put up for sale in 2000. The PS2 had to beat every sales record in the field, with over 155 million units sold by 28 December 2012. Since December 2012, the PS2 is no longer delivered to Japan and according to the Guardian, the console has been removed from production in January 2013. All of these consoles until now there have been very popular because a single program, it is called PSN code generator. It can create codes for purchasing original games.

Inventor of dynamite

Inventor of dynamite

   On the other hand, neither Alfred was simply overwhelmed by the first failures of his career, which seems to be an exception. After the Swedish authorities have forbidden to do experiments across the capital Stockholm, Alfred arranged his laboratory near Lake Malaren, an isolated area without human settlements. Profoundly affected not only his brother but also the thousands of deaths of miners from all over Europe, who used mainly as dangerous explosive nitroglycerin, Alfred Nobel devotes an explosive discovery efforts safely and effectively.



Start with all nitroglycerin as a starting material, which adds ameliorating various types of substances. Version proved lucky diatomaceous site, called diatomite (a siliceous sedimentary rock), which he mixed with nitroglycerin, thereby converting dangerous explosive liquid into a paste which later solidified.

Nobel chuckle. New substances have the same devastating explosive power of nitroglycerin, just that it was much more stable and resistant to mechanical shocks.

Alfred Nobel christened it the first time, dynamite and patented it in 1867.

To be successfully detonated safely, the brilliant scientist invented and classic detonation system – blasting caps are attached to the end of sticks of dynamite and was activated by the wick lit.

In the same historical period, were invented and pneumatic hammer drill, drill the head with artficial Diament. The mining industry has taken on new proportions. With the pneumatic hammer and drill special holes could be made in most hard rock, and the holes created were placed explosive dynamite sticks created by Swedish inventor.

The first demonstrations took place in mine Redhill in Surrey, England.

In order to separate the company names above in connection with explosives dangerous Nobel insists containers with new explosives to be engraved original logo “Nobel’s Safety Powder” was later changed to dynamite, a term that originates in a word from the ancient Greek that means power, force (also here we have the term dynamism or, if you will, Dinamo …)

Nobel previously combined nitroglycerin with various nitrocellulose compounds but, dissatisfied with the results, then added to the mixture nitrates, finally obtaining an explosive substance stronger than the dynamite. It’s gelignite, an explosive gelatin patented in 1877 Very stable and easily molded into various shapes, gelignite was one that enriched the Nobel.

However, searches and his research in the field has not been curbed by financial success, Alfred Nobel discovered and ballistics, a chemical precursor of today’s explosive powders, still used to launch missiles.

Scientist and florist

Its success exceeded all estimates and expectations. Nobel traveling the world, founding over 90 labs and production centers in 20 countries. Although chose Paris as the official residence was on the road all the time. Victor Hugo, one of his close friends, he used to tease him calling it “Europe’s richest vagabond”.

Spirit Seeker, Nobel arficial contributed to the invention of rubber, artificial skin and artificial silk. Until his death in 1896, Nobel patented 355 inventions.

Although he remained married until his death, according to data collected by his biographers, the brilliant scientist remained indifenent to charm the fair sex, having at least three memorable love. The first was held in Russia relationship with a young woman named Alexandra, who rejected the request for marriage.

Intensive work and research have not left much time for love life. At 43 years, as testified to close, already felt old and tired.

However, a notice posted by the illustrious scholar in a newspaper of the time tells us much about Alfred Nobel, the man behind the inventor:

“Gentleman rich and highly educated, looking for a middle aged lady, cunoscătoarea several languages​​, the role of secretary and maid …”

The only scholar who meet the criteria proved Bertha Kinsky, an Austrian countess, that Nobel was love. After a brief relationship, Countess left him to marry her former lover, Baron Arthur von Suttner Gundaccar.

Despite the separation, the Countess gave a continuous correspondence with Nobel scientist until death. In the letters, it is believed that Bertha Kinsky had a major influence on the peace prize idea.

The last and longest Nobel’s emotional relationship was with a simple florist in Vienna named Sofie Hess. The relationship lasted 18 years, and Alfred often called “Lady Sophie Nobel”.