Geographical Discoveries

Great Geographical Discoveries main causes for these great geographical discoveries occurred: – the development of trade – the emergence of capital invested was bringing profit – making trade by merchants via navigation – Improved navigation through the appearance of the compass, the astrolabe, portulamului and caravel – Ottoman expansion in Asia Minor and the Pen.

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Balkan endangered trade between Europe and the Orient Some of the great explorers of discovery very important are: – Marco Polo – Bartholomeo Diaz (navigator) – Vasco da Gamma (navigator) – Columbus (navigator) – Amerigo Vespucci – Fernando Magellan (navigator ) As soon after returning 1.Bartholomeo Diaz Cao’s expedition, the Portuguese king Joao II decided to send two ships south of razboi.Acestor ships were added to a vessel transport fleet of the small provizii.Sef was named Bartholomeo Diaz and Helmsman was appointed principal at that time a great navigator, Pero Almequer.
Chronology of the expedition at sea Diaz is not quite clear. Currently, most historians incline to think that the fleet sailed from Lisbon in August 1447.Diaz went on ordinary road-it the Sao Jorge da Mina up, and from there sailed to the right of Cao Diego parallel of 22 degrees south latitude.
Dinco southern tropic-lo he found a deserted shore and easily slotted. Diaz sat on the bank first Padro “small harbor” .de here he turned south along the deserted coast, which always deviate slightly to the east, but close to parallel 33 ° south latitude us veered sharply to west (in Saint Helena bay right). During this time it has sparked a wind-puternic.Fiindu-cesses I fear that will not smashing rocks, Diaz came out in the ocean. The wind was transformed into the storm and the Portuguese-dere ve lost the coast of Africa.

Always frightening storm shook two small ships Portuguese manandu them south (supply vessel lagging) .When the storm subsided, Diaz went rasarit.Corabiile crank again for a few days in this direction, but not African coast arata.Diaz is thought that perhaps avoided the southern tip of Africa.

To be convinced of this, the crank to nord.Dupa 2-3 days appeared in the horizon some mountains and then a shore covered with tall green grass that stretched from west to east (February 3, 1488). The Portuguese saw on a hill a few shepherds herd of cows and a few people close goi.Diaz sent ashore to take apa.Pas-ers that the Portuguese took them from the beginning as black cows were driven forth, they itself remaining the top

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