phone locator

Phone locator


Phone locator. Phone locator One of the great disadvantages of our GPS for Android is the inability to use it overseas by high roaming rates. Despite other alternatives that I already commented at the time, today I want to introduce MapFactor Navigator, another great browser that doesn’t need Internet connection to operate.

Operation, as you can imagine, through installing various maps in our memory of the phone or, preferable if possible, in the memory card. We can enjoy maps of most of the countries of Europe, and relying on our smartphone GPS antenna, have routes that we want without worrying about our Bill. For other continents, we also have many other maps, you have the complete list on the link Google Play in the bottom of the page.
MapFactor uses OpenStreetMaps data and as a result we can have on our Android a complete GPS. Its features include the ability to mark one route both for when we go by car as when moving on foot, but here there is everything. Maps offering OpenStreetMaps are in continuous change and improvement and is for this reason that also, when we go by car, we can enjoy a fixed radar warning. Completely legal, as it is understandable.

We can enjoy the maps in 2D and in 3D and, for convenience, offers us a night mode to improve the visibility of the browser in low-light conditions.

So I said, if you want to enjoy a good GPS for completely free not hesitate download MapFactor Navigator. The most noteworthy features of the same are, as we have been already repeating throughout the article, the possibility of disregard of our invoice where we are and their continuous improvement. Obviously we can not aside its price as one of the best bets. MapFactor becomes a great alternative that you should not miss.

And you, do you use now your Android as a GPS Navigator?

In a world in constant motion and in a market evolving economic control of their business becomes an absolute necessity. This is even more important when you hold the reins of a transport company, be it people or cargo, domestic or international. In this case, the advantages of a successful business is based on how you perform, coordinate and, especially, monitor routes and angajaţi.Din own happiness, new technologies in support of such entrepreneurs through a device as innovative and complex, but easy to use. GPS monitoring systems offered by Cargo Fleet Solutions Track. It is an indispensable tool for any modern transport company manager.

Google Maps is a tool that we would always like to have at our disposal, however limited access to mobile data, stratospheric roaming rates, or simply because we are going to a place without coverage limit us its use. But now no more, with the following trick you can also save an area or area of a map determined in the memory of the smartphone to be consulted when you don’t have Wifi connectivity or data in Google Maps.
Sure that on more than one occasion you’ve seen in the need to consult a map in Google Maps to locate an address and you find that you do not own coverage network or Wifi connection. It is a situation that can become common if you’re travelling outside of your country and do not want to make use of the data roaming.

More skilled users tend to opt for previously find the location on Google more and do a “screenshot” of the screen to somehow have a picture stored on the phone’s location and attractions. However, it happens that you can not enlarge or zoom in on it to see more details of the area, including a street name, or the location of a nearby restaurant.

The latest versions of Google Maps for smartphones and tablets offer a solution in this regard. They have due to realize that is a common problem among users. Thus, there is a statement with which we can capture a certain portion of map for reference even with the phone in airplane mode or offline “Offline”.

It proceeds in the following way

Phone locator. Phone locator The location of the search and adjusts the zoom level you want. Then click on the search bar and type “OK Maps” and again click on the search button. In this way, the map will be stored in the cache memory of the phone so that when you come back to open the Google Maps application, by magic, the map is represented with the possibility of zooming over the areas and get the details for the same. You can type the words both uppercase and lowercase. There is another similar method to capture using the voice command. Only have to mention the words “O” and “K” with a slight pause between the two, so that the phone does not interpret “Okay”. Phone locator

Somehow, your smartphone should tell you that the map has been downloaded, which could take up to 10 seconds, depending on the type of Internet connection that you are using.
This trick will get you more trouble when traveling outside your area of mobile coverage. Especially when you just landed in your destination and need to locate the location of the hotel or place where you will stay. If you try to load large maps zones, such as a city in its entirety, the mobile application issues a message indicating that the selected area is too large. However, for specific areas it is more useful.

The trick works on both Google Maps for iOS and Android devices. Indeed, the application of maps of Apple also Woo this trick, as with Here Maps you’ll find Lumia of Nokia models.

Speaking about Phone tracker, we also can say something about robotic technology, we can do a word association and we can tell that GPS and robots are in a very close one to the other. Robots are some machines that make life easier, but the machines can not only control, but we can do this thing with GPS In many countries around the world, robots are replacing humans. Can be advantages and disadvantages, The advantages may be those robots could increase production much faster, they can work much more like people without being stressed or tired. The diadvantages are that robots replace people, and they in turn will not have a job. We are far from the time when robots will replace us will be truly and future inhabitans of Earth. Foxconn company has already started work. He dropped to 60,000 employess in favor of robots. And that may be just the beginning. 60,000 people are a small part of his employers. Maybe in the future, robots will help us.

Like phones, robots can be tracked with a technology like GPS Phone Tracker; sure, not the same name, only the same technology. Because now, in these days, robots are created around the world, but nobody isn’t sure about them and then they must control them with GPS receivers, to know where they are and know what they think or do.

Technology helps you desired body

Applications for mobile phone users motivated and have the potential to improve their fitness and health. Fox News has compiled a list of the most effective of them.


Hot5 is an application that hosts numerous shootings five minutes describing the various physical exercises, from crunches to exercises for flexibility or yoga. The programs are divided by level of difficulty, they are short and easy to make at home, and the shootings are carried out professionally and in a modern manner. Hot5 is a free, no hidden costs and does not require an account to use it. Compatibility: iPhone; Cost: Free

Most people who are not in optimal physical shape lack motivation to start an exercise program. GymPact app solves this problem, Taxand or rewarding users based on the number of workouts you do. Those who download the app and set their weekly target amount of money they want to gamble. If that target is not achieved, the application charge card customers, while if users reach their exerceţii number of established app rewards. Compatibility: iPhone and Android; Cost: Free

Weight Watchers Mobile
Weight Watchers is one of the best known companies in the industry and promoting a healthy lifestyle, especially with weight loss. Weight Watchers app for your mobile phone helps in counting calories using a point system. However, Weight Watchers Mobile provides users a wide range of healthy recipes and even suggest low-calorie menus at many popular restaurants. Compatibility: iPhone and Android; Cost: Free, but only Weight Watchers members have access to all options

Although not a new app RunKeeper is one of the most popular programs of its kind. The app uses the phone’s GPS modules for mobile monitor your walk or bike or treadmill sessions. Users can consult exercise time, distance, speed, and other statistics. RunKeeper also has an audio option that gives tips and notify users in real time about the progress made. Compatibility: iPhone and Android; Cost: Free

3ds virtual console

Have you ever thought such as that all consoles games can be transferred to a PC where they can be played equally? If you have not found an answer, we give you an answer, an sure answer.

3DS Emulator is the answer that you expected. 3DS Emulator is a program with a complex system of converting games. This conversion is sent to the PC, where they can be played absolutely all games from 3DS Category. Complexity of the applications is so precise that every detail is sent to the PC, including details of the game.


Graphics, sound and running speed are as qualitative only game size is larger, which makes this emulator their merits praise. 3DS had a pretty good success after the games had brought forth. As they are good on both are desired. Not everyone can afford a 3DS console or their always buy a new game.

The best solution that we promote is to download the PC game and use it with pleasure using 3DS Emulator. The simplest is so. With  themoney that you would have spent on games console or games you can do something else.

The total duration of the project was 4 months, 4 months in which we are worked hard. Each programmer who was part of the project had worked hard.

Apparently seems a simple application, which you can use easy, but to get to these guy so easy steps had first ro do heavy stept. Only the method of converting the game lasted us two months, because we had to take all existing games and to make them compatible for transfer to PC. Every time there is a new game, he automatically will be purchased with no money in your 3DS account.

We are going to convert and will be updated for all users. We have implemented Auto Update, 3DS Emulator application that updates automatically. Not take up much storage space and does not take much turnover. He normally works on any device with any operating system. We did 3DS Emulator to be available worldwide.

During the research done in all countries, we noticed that in Asia there are still users of Windows 95, windows that is hardly used. As a result, we created a special version of 3DS Emulator. The application is the same, but the security system that it has analyzed first and if the device detects Windows 95 and they reduce the storage size.

At first, I thought it would have likely because users have lost confidence in the existance of a 3DS Emulator. On the internet you can find plenty of 3DS Emulator, but in vain. After an advertisment that we did, we started having users on the site. We presented all the evidence, including a video in which the conversion process is shown and instructions. In the comments section you can find all 3DS Emulator users opinion who have used or still use.

3DS Emulator is easy to use, considering that most players are children and manage to use it even to finish a few games. Download it from our website, install it, and start to use it. Why do you spend money on consoles or games when you can have all the games for FREE on your computer or laptop. As I said above, 3DS Emulator help you to run all Nintendo 3DS games on PC.

If you already have a console but you can not buy a new game, wiith 3DS Emulator can download the game directly on your console, or you can tranfer from the computer to console. For a better functioning of the 3DS Emulator and for the other thing you want to do, with 3DS Emulator installation is required and installation of the latest version of Net. Framework 4.4 on the Microsoft website. The program is not so much, but offers a better functioning of the 3DS Emulator. The memory cars is somewhere around 65 Gb, fit so many games, especially ones you like.

In our opinion it is very easy to use 3DS Emulator. You can easily download and you can just as easily use. You must download it from our website, where you will find the download button with the link for download. When I tried it myself, in two minutes I playes two games on the computer. The whole converting process lasted 5 minuted. 3DS Emulator will not lock and you will never find any problem. It is scanned by all antivirus available on the market, and none has found viruses.

We are waiting on these games, which will appear in 2016 and soon after became available, we will update the 3DS Emulator.

Geographical Discoveries

Great Geographical Discoveries main causes for these great geographical discoveries occurred: – the development of trade – the emergence of capital invested was bringing profit – making trade by merchants via navigation – Improved navigation through the appearance of the compass, the astrolabe, portulamului and caravel – Ottoman expansion in Asia Minor and the Pen.

maxresdefault (5)
Balkan endangered trade between Europe and the Orient Some of the great explorers of discovery very important are: – Marco Polo – Bartholomeo Diaz (navigator) – Vasco da Gamma (navigator) – Columbus (navigator) – Amerigo Vespucci – Fernando Magellan (navigator ) As soon after returning 1.Bartholomeo Diaz Cao’s expedition, the Portuguese king Joao II decided to send two ships south of razboi.Acestor ships were added to a vessel transport fleet of the small provizii.Sef was named Bartholomeo Diaz and Helmsman was appointed principal at that time a great navigator, Pero Almequer.
Chronology of the expedition at sea Diaz is not quite clear. Currently, most historians incline to think that the fleet sailed from Lisbon in August 1447.Diaz went on ordinary road-it the Sao Jorge da Mina up, and from there sailed to the right of Cao Diego parallel of 22 degrees south latitude.
Dinco southern tropic-lo he found a deserted shore and easily slotted. Diaz sat on the bank first Padro “small harbor” .de here he turned south along the deserted coast, which always deviate slightly to the east, but close to parallel 33 ° south latitude us veered sharply to west (in Saint Helena bay right). During this time it has sparked a wind-puternic.Fiindu-cesses I fear that will not smashing rocks, Diaz came out in the ocean. The wind was transformed into the storm and the Portuguese-dere ve lost the coast of Africa.

Always frightening storm shook two small ships Portuguese manandu them south (supply vessel lagging) .When the storm subsided, Diaz went rasarit.Corabiile crank again for a few days in this direction, but not African coast arata.Diaz is thought that perhaps avoided the southern tip of Africa.

To be convinced of this, the crank to nord.Dupa 2-3 days appeared in the horizon some mountains and then a shore covered with tall green grass that stretched from west to east (February 3, 1488). The Portuguese saw on a hill a few shepherds herd of cows and a few people close goi.Diaz sent ashore to take apa.Pas-ers that the Portuguese took them from the beginning as black cows were driven forth, they itself remaining the top

Boiling River

Spectacular discovery made in the Amazon. Mystery , that people thought they were a legend

A mysterious river was discovered in the heart of the Amazon. Water from the river is so hot Mayantuyacu fierbe.Raul, whose legend is extremely popular in Peru, was discovered by Andrés Ruzo after his grandfather told him legend. Few people know of the existence of this place, and most of them felt that this place does not exist and is just a legend. According to stories, this bad Spaniards killed last emperor Inca. After the murder bloody Spaniards started searching for gold Bank, including in the Amazon rainforest.

When they returned, they told how they saw the Spaniards poisoned waters, snakes eating people and a river of boiling deep.Boiling River
Andres has heard the story of his grandfather and after 12 years, from an aunt, so she decided to embark on a journey to see his evil eyes. Andres was amazed when he made the discovery, especially because the river is very far from any active volcano. Student in geophysics, young enlisted the help of colleagues to identify where this river. “We asked students have appealed to people in the government and companies, but all I responded that there was such a bad. There are rivers whose water boils, but usually they are in the eve of a volcano. You need a powerful source of heat to produce geothermal activity like this, “he told the Daily Mail. There he discovered a shaman who protects the river, in the heart of the forest.
The water temperature varies between 49 and 91 degrees Celsius and Andres tries to analyze extremophiles bodies that manage to survive in river water. Boiling River

Part of Mayantuyacu seething river due to the thermal springs fed by a tectonic fault line. When it rains the water accumulates in porous sedimentary rock layer. In its movement through the layer of rock, water is heated by heat radiated from the Earth’s interior. This will meet the overriding a fault. Accumulated determine flow so water already heated to rise to the surface along the fault as a hot spring. Boiling River
Legend Mayantuyacu river is extremely popular in Peru. Elders say that the Spaniards killed the Inca emperor in those waters. After bloody murder, settlers started searching for gold, including the Amazon rainforest. When they returned, conquistadors reported seeing a river deep boil. In reality the water temperature varies between 49 and 91 degrees Celsius. Part of the seething river but due to the thermal springs fed by a tectonic fault line. When it rains in the area, water collects in porous sedimentary rock layer and fevered heat is radiated from the Earth’s interior. Heated already accumulated flow causes floods to rise to the surface as a hot spring.

Robot evolution

Robot evolution

Robot evolution. Robots, the day starts to take hold in various fields, replacing the man. At the moment seem harmless, their role is to help people.

One case of Kawasaki plant in Japan it would argue and say that robots can kill people. In 1981 this factory worker died of a robot, which is thrown in a facility that processes mechanically cutting. This was not just a case of scared because the worker did not use a robotic arm properly, therefore it crazy hitting him.  transhumanist-evolution

In all the factories in the world include a total of about 1 million copies of robots, which is a number that is growing. While robots are a new species of mechanisms, history would have a say here. The first humanoid designed, specifically first sketches of a humanoid were in 1495, aparatinandu His drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. At that time the technology was not advanced if thinking better not think there is. That sketch shows a robot driven by a system of levers and pulleys. Due to the discovery of the da Vinci robot surgeon today bears his name, DaVinci robot.

Neither the US military has not given back the use robots. Their inventory shows that among soldiers, weapons and vehicles, include 4,000 robots. It moves with the help of The Tracks. These robots are guided by people in any case are not automatic. Although I would be sorry if I see a Transformers, but an Autobot, Decepticon not.    Robot evolution

History tells us that the first humanoid appeared in 1939 under the name of Elektro. In that time, to have a robot 2 meters tall and have the vocabulary of about 1000 words was something important. And just as it is today, Chinese and Japanese are not at all aside. I do what I do and always replicas of various objects contruiesc new appliances. No robots have not stood aside, could nott resist. Immediately after those from Westinghouse have built Elektro, the Japanese have built Winebotm able to recognize different odors that wine and cheese. Curious..

If we understand differently, the most spectacular discipline of computer science is robotics. It is a science quite difficult if you think about it better. Basic research in robotics algorithms are taking place. To build a robot you need different skills. Robotics is divided into three major areas: perception, cognition and action. A robot must feel to perceive information from the environment. A robot must intealaga what happens around it, so can create plans. A robot must carry out, to travel, to explore, etc.    Robot evolution

Most who watched cartoons or SF films and saw a robot as a maid, a housekeeper always could count on you, that will do what you ask and they wanted. Perhaps in part and those in roles of animation and robots have strengthened human interest to evolve, to create bodies to take over the job and be able to carry it out. However, any mechanism would be created, do not compare with the work done by man. A robot can do some things maybe, but we do like a robot.

One question remains now. Is humanity ready convetuiasca robots? On this question dog owners believe that robots could respond to us. However, their opinion of you just like pet robots, nothing more. An answer which I consider is diplomatic: People tend to humanize everything they touch any subject that it is made of something. If people create robots certainly would try to schedule them to reproduce gestures, so all build, build feelings. I would say that there are people who can live together with robots, people who do not support this idea and people who do not even know what a robot.    Robot evolution

What’s The Deal

A large majority of the Latino population – 75% – has a negative opinion of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a survey from Telemundo/NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

In the same survey, however, Trump is located in first place among Republican voters with 19% of preferences, followed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with a 15% and the former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush with a 14%.


The survey is produced at the start of a week which will have as central point of attention Thursday among the top ten Republican candidates debate. Trump has secured a place in the debate and there is expectation on if repeated his controversial comments on immigration, particularly what he said that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and which bring the ‘crime’ to the United States.

Expectation also, on what will be the reaction of the other Republican candidates, well if Trump reiterates these concepts or even if it does not, if there is someone that will bring them to the discussion to rebut them.

A majority of Latinos surveyed also, in this case 69%, stated that in his opinion what Trump said has a negative impact on the image of the Republican party. Only 12% believe that Trump is beneficial to the party.

This figure of 69% should sound alarms in the leadership of the Republican party since a of the conclusions that the same party pulled out after the presidential election of 2012, was that among the things they had to do to regain the White House was approaching to the Latino vote. In that election the Republican candidate Mitt Romney won only 27% of the Latino vote.

The immigration issue is certainly not the only or the primary that matters to the Latino audience, however, is something that either touch directly or at least indirectly or emotional manner which makes that many judge a candidate or political figure by what you say in immigration.

The survey in this case, would be pointing out that Trump is seen by many Latinos via the lens of his comments on immigration, which many Latinos have been considered offensive.
An example of this is that 55% of respondents believes that the Trump comments about Mexican immigrants are “insulting and racist”.

However, it is striking that on this same question about Mexican immigrants, a significant portion of respondents – 29% – said that even though Trump should be “more careful” in their language, told by of real estate tycoon had value as it had removed “out an important issue”. Another 14% said it rescued the sincerity of Trump that “had the courage to say what you think”.

After Trump, the Republican candidate who is striking results among Latinos surveyed is Jeb Bush. It happens that former Florida Governor and brother of President George W. Bush hand gets the highest percentage of preferences among all the candidates – the 30%-, followed by Marco Rubio with 28%. But at the same time Bush also has a high percentage of negative – 29%, only surpassed by 75% of Trump-.

On the Democratic side with Latino survey only asked about Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton is viewed positively by 57% of respondents – and in a negative way by the 28%, Sanders with 17% in favour.

President Obama, who no longer has election ahead, is seen positively by 59 percent of Latinos surveyed – and 25% negative.

To advance the electoral process for the presidential election of 2016 will go out more surveys, insurance each with different results depending on what happened in the previous days or whatever the event or figure that more call attention at the time.

The Telemundo/NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, however, confirms that “the picture”, which today has Republican public – which is today which is more measured due to its impending debate and the number of presidential candidates – is one where the candidate Trump go forward beyond the controversial statements. And a “photo” also, where Latinos by large majorities leave to see her upset by what was said by Trump and the damage that they are doing to the image of the Republican party.

5 technologies that will transform humanity

5 technologies that will transform humanity
What are the 5 technologies that will transform humanity in 2017?
IBM has released five predictions about the technologies that will transform humanity in 2017 under the “five in five” IBM predicts not only the technologies that will be possible in 5 years, but also the likelihood that they will be adopted widely range. The 5 predictions developed by the American company is based on the analysis of current research, social trends and market conditions.

HRT hammer and IT
This IBM initiative dates back six years, when they set out for the first time predictions on a 5 years. A large number of predictions made by IBM experts a few years ago have become reality, including telemedicine (the ability to access health services anywhere in the world with technology) or the application of nanotechnology in agriculture and biotechnology.
For 2017, those from IBM predicts that machines can read people’s thoughts and can easily recognize the person with whom they interact.
“From Houdini to Skywalker to X-Men, mind reading has a fancy present for decades in most SF works. Soon, however, it will become a reality,” said IBM researchers.
“IBM scientists are among those working on the discovery of a method of connecting the human brain to household devices such as computers and smart phones,” explains those from IBM. Examples provided by researchers at IBM are calling the knowledge only a power of thought or movement of a cursor on the screen only with the mind.
Also, passwords will disappear online, says people at IBM. Our biological composition will become our identity key, says people at IBM. “Imagine that you could go to an ATM where you can withdraw money only telling you the name or on a sensor that will identify unique patterns present in your retina,” speculates specialists from IBM. Therefore, processing of biometric data such as face identification, retina or voice to be used for identification, being more secure than passwords tradiţionale.O another innovation that will become widespread in 2017 is the ability to generate electricity from all types of motion: the fly, from bicycles and even from water flowing through pipes. “Kinetic energy will not be wasted,” says IBM.De also IBM experts say that mobile phones will help eliminate eliminate “digital barrier” that exists today between rich and poor. “In today’s global society, the good of the economy is becoming more decided the level of access to information. In five years, gaping chasm between those who have access to information and those who have not will be reduced significantly, thanks to the progress you will see mobile technologies. in five years, 5.6 billion people will own a mobile phone, ie 80% of the world population. for example, in India, peasants who could not read and write can already used cell phones with voice recognition to find out which is the market where they can get the best price for their grain or to find out weather, so having the opportunity to plant the best time. “
it the 5th prediction made by the IBM is the disappearance spam. Specialists American company claims that the technology will enable personalization, so only those truly interested will reach each person.

Industrial robots, practical

Industrial robots, practical
Name of industrial robots rule, these complex automatic movement used in manufacturing processes is an emerging industrial engineering chapter appeared in the fusion of automation and electrical drives. Even if there are pneumatic or hydraulic embodiment, however, the future implementations of robots are electromechanical, especially due to the advantages of computer compatibility (default approach that brings an increase flexibility and integrability).

When resorting to robots
There are several criteria (work requirements) that may materialize decision to use robots in manufacturing processes, and we see that some of these are also key elements of the definition of industrial robot. We recall that (usually) it is a mechanism by succession of several kinematic chain joints causes more degrees of freedom at the terminal end, the execution, to whom we entrust different workloads. But not this availability sport,, “,, robot will provide employment contract”. Otherwise we will identify specific work requirements robotic automation implementation:
need to run very repetitive task involving complex movement (manufacturing / process in large series);
working in difficult conditions in human perspective (toxicity / pollution, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic radiation – classic examples being here steel foundries, painting, preparation / reconditioning underground pipes, etc.).
However, in relation to the first criterion, remember that the decision to implement an economic robot is obtained by reference to labor costs: an assembly line of an automobile can be achieved successful people, but automated approach is more sustainable if a large production series (and it would be completely wrong for a race car that’s almost unique). Things are at least as clear and applications in other industries, such as those involving processing and packaging (food, beverages consumer, pharmaceutical products), or the logistics.
What robots choose the automobile industry:
assembly (production lines)
welding (arc welding, electron beam welding, laser welding, inert gas welding, spot welding, welding with tungsten)
bonding / sealing
coating / surface treatment
washing liquid inkjet
cutting / sawing prefabricated
drilling / milling
deburring / cleaning
Casting (static pressure)
polishing / grinding
visual inspection
quality control
maintenance of machine tools
semi manipulation
handling by-products
manipulation of parts
manipulation of products for packaging, storage, palletizing, delivery, and so on.

Since we tried a conceptual clarification, and mention the alternative name used to implement industrial robots, ie,, flexible cell “, in which case we speculate that the defining attribute can refer both to the complexity of the robotic arm movement, and – more interesting from the perspective of engineering / management – the deepest flexibility given by robots ability (to be reprogrammed) to adapt to changes in the production process (ie gauges, routes, speed, strength, intensity, conditions, etc. ). And we’ll mention the whole issue of whether an integrated, PFS (flexible manufacturing system), for which we will outline the key features conclusive in terms of enterprise management: efficiency, controllability and safety.

History of Technology

History of Technology

Replication systems

History of Technology.A replication system is called “clanking replicator”, which is based on large-scale conventional technology and automation. The term differs from microscopic systems called “asamblatoare” that nanotechnology can make possible.technology_history

In general, a machine capable of replication should only be fed and to seek the necessary resources, assemble them, and eventually, showing a copy of the car. To be most effective, could work in larger groups where they can collaborate. This real plant will be divided into groups that will gather some materials, robots will assemble builders and others will be ready for any necessary repairs. And all without human intervention.

Such a car does not violate the laws of physics and we are already in possession of the necessary technology to achieve several proposed projects.

This method of large-scale replication may be a little inefficient, but it is a start. Living systems can replicate the definition. So, to give rise to artificial life, you need to reproduce.

And who knows what surprises the future holds?

Computer or smart car?

All operations of a computer are actually decisions, surgery after surgery, The instructions that are written in computer programs, which are translations of human ideas in a logical system that uses a binary code carried by electronic signals.

An intelligent machine can be any device that while sitting on your desk plotting against you. Sounds like science fiction, right? A machine intelligence, as some would have to behave like a human mind, a mind so clever that no one has managed to fully understand how it works. If you do not know how it works, how then can we achieve an intelligent machine? What is intelligence? How will it be a car fitted with intelligence, but with power and processing speed much greater than man?

Communication between computer and man will be through intelligent software that will act as a virtual human. To become smart, you have to have the ability to learn, organize, synthesize, and generate new ideas, things that would not always lead to positive effects. What will happen if computers will reach a level of consciousness? Here many questions arise when prolonging line evolution, trying to figure out how the future will look.

But do not think computers. At least not in the same way as I think as you think or as Albert Einstein thought. The computer does not have emotions or motivations. Passing through the brain impulses are chemical and electrical activation and repression.

The computer has to do with pulses of electricity simple, well understood and carefully controlled. Nothing mysterious is not happening in a machine called computer. When we represent our ideas and we send your computer in different orders, computer manipulates them with a very high speed and precision, making it virtually an extension of ourselves.

The calculator is based on logic, and this logic has nothing to do with our ideas as life, liberty and happiness race. He works at a much lower level, having to do with simple dualistic concepts, not more complicated than the light switch in our homes. But these small logical operations when put together, can become complex combinations, forming one frame, the software that makes your computer run. Also by this model can be achieved and an artificial brain, or at least simulate and emulate the way the human brain works.

Logic and computer circuit boards are carefully combined. Engineers made the electronics so that it can process the binary logic systems. With this design, the computer comes “alive” in his own way …