Ways to run Android applications and Games on Windows

Running Android on Windows is possible through various methods, which differ in the complexity of configuration, functions and performance. If you want to download an Android emulator and try running games and applications in Windows, here you will find several ways to do this.


BlueStacks – for those who do not want a full emulator: BlueStacks – one of the most popular Android apps for playing games in Windows. It is designed specifically for games and does not offer a full emulator, although for many will be adjustments. In addition, BlueStacks is much better for gaming compared to other emulators. After installation, it will open in full screen mode, but you can activate and window mode. In the main window you will see a list of games available for download.

To install the applications you need Google account.  In addition, if you smartphone or tablet on Android, you can install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect to sync between it and Windows applications.

Genymotion – Android emulator with advanced features: Genymotion emulator is simple to install, allows emulation of various real devices with different versions of the Android operating system, and most importantly, it works quickly and supports graphics acceleration. This emulator is available to download a free version and paid version. For private use free version will suffice.

To download the Android emulator Genymotion, you will need to register on the site, then you use one of the links to download. I recommend the first link, which contains VirtualBox and create the necessary settings automatically. And only after Genymotion will be installed and turned on, in response to the message that no virtual devices were found, creating a new select, and then press the Connect button on the page and enter the data that you entered during registration for access to the list of devices.

Selecting a new Android device, download the necessary components waits, and after that will appear in the list you can start it by double-clicking or pressing the Start button. In the end you get a fully featured Android system detailed.

Windows Android or Windroy: It is an application from developers in China. This application differs from other Android emulators for Windows. According to information on the site, this application is port of Android and Dalvik in Windows, and used all the resources of the computer hardware and the windows kernek.

Creating emulators in the Android Virtual Device Manager: This method is official, but it is not so easy for the average user. All Android SDK installation instructions and create virtual devices are available on the specified site. I will not describe here the whole process – for that would be a whole article.

YouWave for Android: still a simple application that allows Android applications running on Windows. The emulator can be downloaded from their site. Developers promise compatibility and performance. I did not install this product, but according to comments from online users, they are satisfied with this emulator, while some users YouWave is the only emulator that could run on Windows.

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