Getting Started With The PlayStation Network

Getting Started With The PlayStation Network

Whether you purchase the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, you’re going to have the opportunity to try out the PlayStation Network for yourself. While the bulk of Sony’s attention is naturally directed towards dealing with their subscription service, which is known as PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation Network itself remains free to use.

Playstation 4

However, it’s worth noting that if you are getting a PlayStation 4, it’s more or less impossible to avoid subscribing to PlayStation Plus. In this day and age, if you want to use what many consider to be the best gaming network in the world, you have to pay for the perks.

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At any rate, if you’re new to the PlayStation Network, you may find it difficult to get the ball rolling. This is particularly so with people who have been out of the loop with video games for a while. All the major consoles have online networks now. Each network strives to be the definitive gaming and media hub for players. Sony certainly has just about everything a person could ever need from an online gaming network.

PlayStation Network Introduction

Becoming part of the PlayStation Network is the easiest thing in the world. When you’ve signed up, you can make the decision to sign up later on for the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Keep in mind that the services you’ll receive from PlayStation Plus vary slightly, whether you have a PlayStation 3, or if you have just purchased the new PlayStation 4. For example, with the PlayStation 4, you have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber, in order to enjoy online multiplayer.


Setting up your account on the PSN couldn’t be more straightforward:


  • From your main menu, you’re going to want to sign up for the PlayStation Network.
  • From this point, you can either create a new account, or sign in to your existing account. Obviously, you’re going to want to start a new account.
  • You’re going to start to build your new account by filling in some basic information, regarding things like your country, your language, and your date of birth.
  • You’re now going to need to accept the user agreement.
  • You are now going to come to the part of the sign-up process in which you will be responsible for filling in some important information. This information will include your password, your security question, and an answer to the security question.
  • Next, you’re going to have the opportunity to create your PlayStation Network Obviously, this online ID cannot be the same as your password.
  • Some additional information will be required. This information is going to include things like first and last name, as well as your mailing address.
  • Once you’ve verified all of your personal information that is related to the account, you will be asked to confirm that all of the information is accurate.
  • You will also have the opportunity to set up an avatar to go with your ID.


Enjoying The PlayStation Network

These are some of the basics that are going to culminate in beginning your experience with the PlayStation Network.


PlayStation video game console, the first of its kind made by Sony Computer Entertainment, was released on 3 December 1994 in Japan. It is the first console distributed more than 100 million units, nine and a half years after launch.

Its successor was the PlayStation 2, put up for sale in 2000. The PS2 had to beat every sales record in the field, with over 155 million units sold by 28 December 2012. Since December 2012, the PS2 is no longer delivered to Japan and according to the Guardian, the console has been removed from production in January 2013. All of these consoles until now there have been very popular because a single program, it is called PSN code generator. It can create codes for purchasing original games.

Clash of Clans Game Review

Clash of Clans Game Review


Since its inception in 2012, the Clash of Clans online strategy game has racked up millions of players and even more in terms of related revenues. This game has amassed so much success that it is no wonder people feel comfortable giving their hard earned money day in day out to have more. The Clash of Clans game is a free online game that pits gamers against each other or the system. The huge revenues grossed do not come from game sales but app download. Gamers can also choose to buy resources for use in faster progression in the game from the games developers.

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What does the Game Entail?


Players in the game get a small plot in a virtual land in which they are supposed to develop and grow into a dominant base. As a player, you are supposed to develop defenses and armies to guard against attacks and use to attack others respectively. This means that players have to balance these objectives as both defense and attack go hand in hand in helping them dominate other players.


Attack and Defense

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Clash of Clans has different attack resources all designed to target specific resources to attack in the rival players’ camps. This is the main factor to consider when developing these resources. While most attackers target camps close to them they will target different parts of the defenses employed in such camps meaning that players have to carefully evaluate their defenses as well as those of their rivals while developing attacking troops. The player has no control in what their troops will attack, but they can develop troops that target different parts of the surrounding players’ defenses. The player only controls where and when to deploy troops during battles.

After creating defenses, attacks come during the hours that you are not active in the game. This means that players are supposed to develop the toughest defenses to make sure that their base is still up in by the time they get back. After an attack, you will get a chance to replay it and see how your defenses held up or fell. You get the chance for revenge attacks immediately.


Accumulating Resources


As you advance in the game, you can either choose to accumulate resources or trophies. Resources are used in buying troops and upgrading the base to your satisfaction while trophies help advance up the leader boards. Most players prefer to accumulate resources first and then fight for trophies later.


Although it is possible to play the game for free by finishing different tasks in the game, and earning gems to use in acquiring resources, players can buy the gems and get resources to advance quicker.


At the highest level players, join into clans and attack each other so as to see which clan can inflict the most damage and hence come out as the winner.