Boiling River

Spectacular discovery made in the Amazon. Mystery , that people thought they were a legend

A mysterious river was discovered in the heart of the Amazon. Water from the river is so hot Mayantuyacu fierbe.Raul, whose legend is extremely popular in Peru, was discovered by Andrés Ruzo after his grandfather told him legend. Few people know of the existence of this place, and most of them felt that this place does not exist and is just a legend. According to stories, this bad Spaniards killed last emperor Inca. After the murder bloody Spaniards started searching for gold Bank, including in the Amazon rainforest.

When they returned, they told how they saw the Spaniards poisoned waters, snakes eating people and a river of boiling deep.Boiling River
Andres has heard the story of his grandfather and after 12 years, from an aunt, so she decided to embark on a journey to see his evil eyes. Andres was amazed when he made the discovery, especially because the river is very far from any active volcano. Student in geophysics, young enlisted the help of colleagues to identify where this river. “We asked students have appealed to people in the government and companies, but all I responded that there was such a bad. There are rivers whose water boils, but usually they are in the eve of a volcano. You need a powerful source of heat to produce geothermal activity like this, “he told the Daily Mail. There he discovered a shaman who protects the river, in the heart of the forest.
The water temperature varies between 49 and 91 degrees Celsius and Andres tries to analyze extremophiles bodies that manage to survive in river water. Boiling River

Part of Mayantuyacu seething river due to the thermal springs fed by a tectonic fault line. When it rains the water accumulates in porous sedimentary rock layer. In its movement through the layer of rock, water is heated by heat radiated from the Earth’s interior. This will meet the overriding a fault. Accumulated determine flow so water already heated to rise to the surface along the fault as a hot spring. Boiling River
Legend Mayantuyacu river is extremely popular in Peru. Elders say that the Spaniards killed the Inca emperor in those waters. After bloody murder, settlers started searching for gold, including the Amazon rainforest. When they returned, conquistadors reported seeing a river deep boil. In reality the water temperature varies between 49 and 91 degrees Celsius. Part of the seething river but due to the thermal springs fed by a tectonic fault line. When it rains in the area, water collects in porous sedimentary rock layer and fevered heat is radiated from the Earth’s interior. Heated already accumulated flow causes floods to rise to the surface as a hot spring.

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